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I try to test my code even without an in-memory database. What is the reason resolve-tempid needs a database especially the :db-after from the transaction? The tempids map already contains the mapping from tempid to actual id. What does resolve-tempid on top of a simple map lookup?


@akiel: It needs the database to resolve entity partition IDs.


@stuartsierra: in case I create a partition?


d/tempid doesn't return a simple number. It returns a record containing a partition ident (keyword) and a number.


The partition gets resolved into a number as part of the transaction.


Hello all. I'm having a look at datomic to evaluate it and I have a question about getting started.


I noticed that there are day of datomic training videos ( ) and a repo of day of datomic sample code ( ).


But the code in the repo does not match the configuration that Stu Halloway actually sets up and encourages people to follow along with. Does anyone know if there are material online that allow you to actually follow along with Stu's configuration and demoes? Or are you on your own with that?


Ah, I see, it's broken out over separate repos and help pages. Not integrated. Ok.