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Hi. What JS engine does React Native use (while running on Android and iOS devices)? It's docs say that > On iOS simulators and devices, Android emulators and devices React Native uses JavaScriptCore , but Ambly, which is REPL for JavaScriptCore, but as far as I get Ambly project is only for Apple devices (it has some Objective-C pieces in it), so what about Android?


Hi! Is there a good way to share code between a native app built with RN and a webapp done with React? Something like sharing all of the namespaces except one in which the basic components are defined, so that the two sets of definitions, one for RN and one for React, are in two different files, and two different output JS files are produced? It would be great to have something like reader conditionals for RN/React...


@stepugnetti: I wonder if that’s what @artemyarulin is generally doing here


@stepugnetti: Yep, that’s what I’m doing simple_smile You can check if you are into om


@artemyarulin @mfikes Yes, I was exactly looking for this, thanks! I’m trying to do it with reagent and boot.


@stepugnetti: Well, basically the only issue that you have to solve is how to load all the things - like with om I had to mock couple of namespaces which rely on DOM for RN environments. Other that then - everything works from the box


Has anyone had to deal with JSX Namespacing? I’m using react-native-vector-icons and I’m not sure how to require/use a sub-component.


oh never mind. It’s just an attribute.