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One of the things we've heard from Clojurists Together members is that they'd like us to do long-term support, not just one-off grants


It's a little tricky with our current funding amounts, but it's definitely something we're looking into and thinking more about


recording this here, I don't have time to own this rn but don't want it to be lost either: • :bundle target currently serves a broken main.js if you haven't created one yourself when following the webpack guide, it ended up confusing @tekacs • it would be nice to specify NODE_ENV and other env vars in the :`bundle-cmd` , getting away with this now by specifying it in the command that calls cljs.main

dominicm10:04:07 is this message wrong? Shouldn't it mention source-map given that it only applies when source maps are enabled?


As an extension, is it possible to remove that assertion altogether? When I'm compiling for production I put :output-to in a temporary directory so that it's fresh every time. I see now why this is needed


@danielcompton right that's what I would expect - I just noted that a very large number of projects apply and only few get it - and you all actually offer much more than most OSS devs could practically expect from GitHub sponsors for three months


so I think there is a problem of scale that GitHub sponsoring addresses for the day-to-day maintenance aspect of OSS work


@lilactown I don't really understand the first point - it sounds like @tekacs didn't follow the guide precisely?


the second point - nothing is going to change about :bundle-cmd - consider it finished 🙂


all this environment stuff users will need to sort out themselves - however the guide could be more clear about it - and happy to take PR to that effect