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Has anyone dealt with cider slowing down over time? I've been profiling and trying to bisect my minor modes, but haven't come to much of a theory yet.


@cartesian-theatrics just a shot in the dark, but if your program is printing a lot, then the size of the repl buffer can slow things down. try running cider-repl-clear-buffer and see if that helps

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there might be a way to tell emacs to treat the buffer like a queue to keep it under a certain size

André Peric Tavares17:04:47

Hi people. I’d like to pass the -Sforce flag when injecting into a clojure deps project. I’d like to debug if that’s why cider is getting a different version from some library compared to clj -Sforce -Stree. Is there any way to make cider pass this flag?


sure. when you cider-jack-in give a prefix argument. C-u M-x cider-jack-in or C-u C-c M-j and it should let you edit the command it will use

André Peric Tavares18:04:14

Cool, thanks. By the way, removing the cpcache folder, which holds the cache for deps.edn, solved the issue 😕


yeah. i've heard there can be issues with that cache but don't remember what can cause it. I wonder if alex might have some pointers. wonder if we could touch some file or something