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Is it valid for cljs.analyzer/all-ns to return a set containing nil?


Somehow I end up with this:

(prn (get-in @state [::ana/namespaces nil]))
{:cljs.spec/registry-ref [], :cljs.spec/speced-vars []}
(This is a big project and most likely something is just wrong but it would be nice if the compiler gave a more informative error message at a point in time where it has more context)


should probably catch that - but need to know how it happened


For global caching, including the JAR name in cache path calculation would prevent, for example, cached items from core.async-0.3.465.jar colliding with andare-0.8.0.jar. (The latter has namespaces that purposefully match the former.)


I’ve tried figuring out how this happens but haven’t had any success really. The value of the nil key seems to indicate that the state is inserted in cljs.analyzer/dump-specs but I put a println there and it seems that it’s only called once for cljs.core. Any other suggestions how I can figure out where this is added to the analyzer state?


Is there a way to delete attachments from JIRA? I uploaded like 5 broken patches :see_no_evil:


@martinklepsch ^