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is there a word like 'base' or 'util', but starts with the letter a ?


available is the best I can think


Late to the party but how about antecedent or authority?


I forgot to mention this earlier -- this is part of a namespace name, so I was hoping to go for something 3-4 chars long


avails 😛 ?


noun: avail; plural noun: avails
1.use or benefit.


or just abase - if you want to mess up with people reading code later


I need to remove a message generated by a bot in a channel. Who has the rights to do this? 🙂

New To Clojure11:12:02

Owners / Admins
Here is a list of people who are current owners and admins for the group. If you have any issues or need help, please feel free to reach out to anyone on this list.

The role of the primary owner:
This person is the steward for the group.
They have the final say in any decision.
They have the ability to communicate with Slack directly on behalf of the group.

The role of owners:
They are a backup incase something happens to the primary owner.
They have rights in the system tied to the owner role.
They act as administrators.

The role of administrators:
They monitor the public channels for inappropriate behavior.
They have full voting rights for decisions that affect the group.
They have rights in the system tied to the admin role.

Primary Owner:
Gavin-John Noonan (@adulteratedjedi)
Sean Corfield  (@seancorfield)
Anna Pawlicka (@annapawlicka)
Robert Stuttaford (@robert-stuttaford)
Martin Klepsch (@martinklepsch)

New To Clojure11:12:21

@U04V15CAJ somebody from this list 🙂


I'm looking for a reverse proxy HTTP server meeting the following requirements: - passes all HTTP requests on to another server - log all HTTP requests, ideally start time, end time and status code - useful for debugging http communication is pretty close but doesn't log status codes


Bonus points if there's an option to log request body and response body to stdout/stderr as well


@pesterhazy There is nginx-clojure, maybe a bit overkill, but very flexable.


@gklijs yeah I want something lightweight. Nginx by itself might do the job though with the right configuration

New To Clojure15:12:11

@pesterhazy You could try They just released a new version.


To be clear I'm interested in the logging information only - that's my only reason for using a reverse proxy

New To Clojure15:12:54

There are a lot of HAProxy examples on Stack Overflow which work for nuster too


cool, thanks for the pointer


when is debruijin indices ever a bad idea? it seems like substitution is easy, you get alpha equiv ehcek for free, etc ...


does it always make things easier to read?


for humans? no, it's nearly impossible to read


@qqq I guess I misunderstand, I thought it was a lambda calculus thing and I picture that as being a formalism for math, not something useful for actual software


the only applications I know of de-bruijin indices are for type checkers / machine proof verifiers, I've yet to see it used anywhere else