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@admay I'm prototyping like this:

:fields {:name {:type 'String
                      :resolve :user/name}
Then I use lacinia.util/attach-resolvers, and the map with {:user/name #(:user/name %3)} can be auto-gen based on your schema.


hey, I wrote a super fast post on how I’m writing my resolvers at the moment. let me know what you guys think! and please point out typos! I knocked this thing out at the speed of ‘I don’t care how you spell propagate’


I would love feedback on the code from step 4 though. I’m looking for more ways to make my services more bullet proof!


Oh, shout out to @guy and @hlship! I gave you a shout out in the article for all the help you guys give around the channel. I hope you don’t mind 😬 I probably should have asked first


Actually though, you guys are exactly what the Clojure community needs. Just absolutely patient and always willing to help! Thanks so much for being active in the community!


Thank you for making the blog post!!