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Sorted out a fix for a recent, sizeable self-hosted perf slowdown:


you can clearly see who's responsible for that perf regression :disappointed:


Hah! I suppose I wrote the original code in a loose way (to be fast), and what is a little odd is that the analyzer was being compiled to JS and then passed through advanced, thus leading to the need to revise the code to be more correct.


@mfikes how long does it take to require andare with that patch? what about self parity tests?


I'm not sure what you mean. I meant I caused that perf regression :stuck_out_tongue:


About 11 seconds. (Whereas previously it would take 42 seconds.) The self parity tests don’t seem to exhibit anything related to it.


Oh… what I meant is: That bit of code was ostensibly meant to only be used in self-hosted mode (being in the :cljs branch), and thus not suitable for use with :advanced. But I suppose the analyzer namespace gets pulled in when compiling Om server-side in advanced mode somehow.


I guess I’m saying that is an odd ticket. But hey, it happens.