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Vincent Cantin10:06:20

Hi, I am trying to find why cljdoc gives me an "analysis-job-failed" error but I am clueless. The project is, and I can reproduce the problem on my project's master branch from a local instance of cljdoc.

Vincent Cantin10:06:31

To build girouette.jar and pom.xml: • clone the repo • cd lib/girouetteclojure -X:depstar


probably there is a problem with CI, because for all jobs from cljdoc returns 404


Heya! I'll take a peek in a bit...


I just asked over on #circleci


Once we understand what's going on I'll update cljdoc to conform.

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Nothing back from team CircleCI yet. We are using their v1 REST API and they told us a while back there was no need to switch to v2. But maybe they no longer test thoroughly using v1 anymore. I could switch us over to v2, I suppose.


(the 404 url we use, we get back from CircleCI, so technically a bug on their side)


@U8MJBRSR5 I just reran girouette and the link back to circleci seems to be working now. Lemme know if you need a hand diagnosing analysis failure. (I’m assuming the 404 was your first issue?)

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For analysis: Clojure analysis is passing, ClojureScript is failing. Is girouette also ClojureScript compatible today? If it is Clojure only you can

Vincent Cantin07:06:45

Normally, it should work for both cljs and clj. My problem is only with the analyzer, it seems that it doesn't like how I refer to record types defined in other namespaces, like garden.selectors.CSSSelector and garden.types.CSSAtRule . Do you know the right way to do it?

Vincent Cantin08:06:32

Wait, I am trying a few things right now.


Now @U0BBFDED7, were you reporting a separate problem with the 404 error? If so, can you tell me more about it?


I just wanted to help Vincent, but the link to his failed build gave a 404

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cljdoc works like gold and I haven't had a single problem since you've been messing with me ❤️

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Ah, thanks! I think that might have been a temporary issue from CircleCI, but am very interested to hear if it hits anybody again.