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only an actual require in your ns causes a dependency to be included. just having it in :dependencies does not affect the build in any way


you can and should verify what is included via builds reports


omg, those build reports are brilliant!


if we use internal http server, is there a way turn the dev-http one off ?


just don't configure it? If you don't use it you dont have to configure any :dev-http


I'm wondering :dev-http starts and watches for public files. I'm using my own server and configured :devtools {:watch-dir "resources/public"}. From time to time when I'm using shadow my computer hangs on a long running task to the point I loose control of the gui. At work and at home, same cpu 12 core linux ubuntu focal fossa. I just wanted to make things lighter hopefully getting rid of this behaviour, that I cant confirm that is caused by shadow. But It just happen when I'm using it.


hmm no clue sorry. watching files isn't that resource consuming since it uses the OS for that on linux


I mean create a jstack dump or something when it happens. should be possible to identify what is causing it (if it is shadow)

Quentin Le Guennec16:06:28

Hello, I can't connect to a node-script javascript runtime anymore since I updated to the latest version of shadow-cljs. I use shadow-cljs watch app then cider-connect-cljs then node app.js . Then I try to evaluate a form in app.cljs and I get "No available JS runtime". I'm not getting any shadow-cljs message in the node process.

Quentin Le Guennec17:06:11

Ok I fixed it. Turned out my program was generating some kind of infinite loop before shadow instanciated the websocket