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sheluchin18:06:49 > This is a good index to create auto-complete features in editors for Pathom integration. Any examples of this in the wild yet?


this is what Pathom Viz uses


Thanks @U066U8JQJ. Do you know of any cases of someone integrating the index in an editor or IDE?


not yet, but I've considered in the past, would be awesome for example to have contextual auto-complete when writing the query part of Fulcro components


That's good, I didn't know about that second fn. I'm thinking of adding some custom Reveal actions to make Pathom-based data exploration possible by clicking around in the Reveal window.


Integration right in the editor would be nice too, my vimscript just isn't strong enough to pull that off, I don't think. Adding Pathom awareness to Reveal might be a low hanging fruit.


@UPWHQK562 an interesting option with Reveal/Portal is to use the Datafy API, Pathom Smart Maps have native support for it, so if you log a smart map, you can use the clojure Nav protocol (which is supported by Reveal) to navigate though the data


@U066U8JQJ very cool. I'll try it out. I guess I missed it in the