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Jacob Rosenzweig20:11:15

Anyone ever get an error like this? Exception in thread "main" -Sdeps (The system cannot find the file specified)

Jacob Rosenzweig20:11:27

Trying to run this for context: clj -Sdeps "{:deps {leiningen/leiningen {:mvn/version \""2.9.0\""}}}" -m leiningen.core.main new play-cljc hello-world


@rosenjcb could it be that you have a very old installation of clojure on your system?

Jacob Rosenzweig20:11:28

Well I only started learning clojure ~4 months ago, but maybe!


Can you do clj --version and see what it prints?

Jacob Rosenzweig20:11:58

That command fails too hahaha

Jacob Rosenzweig20:11:08

I can go into the shell though.


what do you get for where clj


are you in powershell?

Jacob Rosenzweig20:11:41

Is it a JAVA_HOME issue?


Do you remember how you installed clj?

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:19

But who knows, maybe I installed it earlier "by accident


if you cannot run clj --version it's a sign that something is not right

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:48

Yup, I'm going to try to purge this thing from my system. Ugh windows is annoying


if you want to have an easy install procedure, try out scoop-clojure.

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:40

Oh oh oh I think I used scoop the first time

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:55

Or I tried and I had errors like Couldn't find manifest for 'adoptopenjdk-lts-hotspot'.


I don't think you need to install the java stuff if you already have a java on your system



scoop bucket add scoop-clojure 

scoop install clojure

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:07

I had to type where.exe clj to get it work

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:24

I cannot believe the engineers at MS thought that was smart.

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:35

It's in chocolatey


this is because you're in powershell probably


ok uninstall that


it's probably old

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:30

It works now! It's alive.

Jacob Rosenzweig21:11:19

Thanks @borkdude. The play-clj penguin is on my screen now.

🎉 1