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Daniel Slutsky12:11:36

The re:Clojure workshops are continuing in the coming couple of days: @ben.sless -- Structure and Interpretation of Clojure Transducers Transducers are a powerful abstraction added relatively recently to Clojure. In spite of this and the noticeable performance benefits, they remain a daunting subject for many Clojurians. There is no reason such an important subject remain impenetrable. We will approach them in this workshop from first principles and see how they emerge naturally as a general property in many places. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of transducers, their use cases, and will be comfortable writing their own simple transducers when the need arises. Rohit Thadani -- An Intro to Statistical Inference Useful inferential statistics does not have to be just the domain of data scientists. This workshop follows examples in the book "Statistics is Easy" to demonstrate concepts of fairness, p-value, confidence intervals, power using resampling and bootstrapping. All concepts will be explained purely using functions from the core clojure library. List of workshops:

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Daniel Slutsky12:11:29

The transducers workshop by @ben.sless is recommended as background for John Newman's workshop about Injest, which will take place a week later.