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Daniel Slutsky22:11:58

Hi. I'm looking into the function nextjournal.clerk.viewer/describe. Does anybody have a simple conceptual explanation of its purpose?


Hey, congrats for the clerk release, it's awesome! Question: I have a plotly pie chart that depends from a variable, but it's not updated when the value of that variable changes. I'd like to know why, since, reading the how does clerk work notebook, I was under the impression that this is picked up by the dependency analyzer


hey, that sounds like a bug. We recently (in v0.3.220 or later) fixed an issue that sounds related Noticing now that it’s missing in the changelog 🙈. If upgrading doesn’t help a small repro would be great.

Daniel Slutsky23:11:21

Another question: does Clerk support Vega, or only Vega-Lite at the moment? 🙏