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Since access to the infrastructure hosting has been lost and nothing merged has been able to be updated on the site for maybe three years now, I have set up a (work-in-progress) version of the Clojure Guides site at as a GitHub organization site, powered by Cryogen. I've been a contributor to the old site for years and I've talked with Michael Klishin several times about migrating it to a GitHub repo like this. I just finally found the time and inclination to do the work. All of the old content should be present but the formatting will likely be a bit messed up in places as I continue refining and editing the raw material. I've created #clojure-doc to discuss the new version of the site and I welcome contributors (please!). Follow-up in the #clojure-doc channel.

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I wonder whether it's worth a rename -- the clojure-doc vs clojuredocs name clash has been a point of confusion for new users IME.

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I'm hoping that the domain can be pointed at the GH docs domain. There's already a CNAME in place.


(the URLs are different though so that might also be confusing for some folks)