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Can anyone point me to a tutorial/post/direction/example for an approach to a paginated datatable in reagent/re-frame?


Given your question in #clojurescript, instead of following some tutorial I would recommend to: • Superficially go over Reagent examples, just to see what they offer • Try building a tiny web app with Reagent that just displays something like a button or an image - mostly to set up the environment and get familiar with it • Find some React table component (the simpler the better - there's plethora of them) and try using it in the same app while consulting the links I provided earlier if something is not clear • Ask questions here if stuck for more than 20 minutes (very helpful for people who might want to answer is to provide a repo with what you already have, including an instruction on how to run and build your project)


I’ll do all of that… so grateful.

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