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Marc O'Morain12:06:29

here is a slightly interesting case: I deleted some braces from the end of an edn file:

$ clj-kondo --lint  src/test/.clj-kondo/config.edn
src/test/.clj-kondo/config.edn:0:0: error: can't parse src/test/.clj-kondo/config.edn, Unexpected EOF. [at line 5, column 1]

Marc O'Morain12:06:05

The error is flagged as row/col 0:0, but the error message says 5:1

Marc O'Morain12:06:25

{:linters {

    :invalid-arity {:level :error

Marc O'Morain12:06:06

This is somewhere were I really dislike the Clojure error message - it focuses on the wrong thing.

Marc O'Morain12:06:42

“Unexpected EOF” should be “unclosed { at line 4 column 21"


yeah, good point. I though I parsed that exception somewhere and turned it into the correct locations, but it might not work everywhere. I’ll make an issue

borkdude12:06:49 I’m not sure if “unclosed” will work, because this exception comes from tools.reader


not sure if you wanted to test it, in that case let me know if the linux binary is sufficient