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Thoroughly off-topic, but has anyone in here seen the footage (yes there is actual video) of MP Mark Field assaulting a female Greenpeace protester last night..? Everyone should see this, it is unbelievable. If anyone of us did what he did we'd be in a cell - I can't believe he's walking around free and that he's perpetuating the idea that he was concerned she might be armed.


yeah one rule for the toffs, one rule for the rest of us


my hot take: this is bad from Fielding. I am glad that it meant that the climate crisis was the number 1 story on BBC Breakfast this morning, so as far as awareness raising protests goes it is a good one. So, well planned and done Greenpeace.


*nods* I have to agree, finding the silver lining here of the coverage being excellent and wide-ranging and very sympathetic to Greenpeace overall is a good point ๐Ÿ™‚


a lot of the goal of the activism on that end of the spectrum is I gather based on the suffragette tactics of โ€˜if we all get arrested, none of us will get seriously charged and it is all newsโ€™


Which is fine. If she'd thrown a punch or actually brandished a weapon I would be broadly able to accept Mr. Field's behaviour, but what he did to her is unacceptable in the circumstances, and that's regardless of gender, locale etc. I admit I am even more incensed because a large, strong man over 6 feet in height brutalised a woman, which is something that just offends me, but his actions were so far out of proportion with the situation that I am convinced he committed a crime.


oh yeah he committed assault and he should be charged


utterly disproportionate for one, and yeah, just ew


classic gammon innit


Leaded petrol my dude


are we saying 4* petrol has damaged his brain and limited his ability to control his emotions?


That's exactly what I'm saying


sorry. It just made me really angry all of a sudden... wait...


deep diving into effects of lead on the brain


Lead can interfere with numerous neurotransmitter systems in the brain, most likely because of its ability to mimic calcium.[35] Exposure to lead can also alter brain structure and function.[6][7][36][37] At the behavioral level, exposure to lead has been observed to cause increases in impulsive[38][39] actions and social aggression,[40] as well as the possibility of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
I had no idea


there seems to be good evidence that the reason crime is going down in cities is due to the end of leaded petrol

Ben Hammond12:06:20

Its a strange feeling to be in agreement with Piers Moron

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are we saying 4* petrol has damaged his brain and limited his ability to control his emotions?


Clojure study group 32 - YouTube broadcast, Saturday 10am UK time (11am UTC) Working through 4Clojure exercises 44 to 52, so it should be a lot of fun

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Rachel Westmacott18:06:44

Does anyone know the cfp close date for ClojureX?


Website says: Deadline for submission: COB Tuesday, 25th June 2019.


The deadline is when ever we have a full schedule, so probably not for a while yet (although the SkillsMatter team haven't shared any of the submission yet).


@peterwestmacott if you have a talk idea then submit it soon, or let me know in a direct message here with a rough idea on the topic and I'll add you to the list of potential speakers.