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@chrisjswanson most likely using the wrong require. all that message means is that SendBird is not defined. probably need (:require ["sendbird" :default SendBird]) then later (SendBird. ...)

Chris Swanson11:06:04

hm let me double check

Chris Swanson11:06:30

Is this way different ?

  ["sendbird" as sendbird])
(sendbird/SendBird.  ....)


yes :as is incorrect in this case. see the translation table here


well you can use :as but then its (sendbird/default. ...)

Chris Swanson11:06:50

interesting.. thanks, that is super helpful

Chris Swanson11:06:14

yes translation table showed me the correct way

Chris Swanson11:06:30

now it works; thanks again!