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Andy Nicholson00:06:48

👋 hi everyone. I asked a question over in #cljss that I'll cross-post here as it has more eyeballs 🙂


so, in order to use the Custom Elements API, I have to define a static get observedAttributes() {} method on this javascript class. Does anyone know how that interop might be accomplished in cljs?


ugh, this spec is so bizarre.


@thheller any ideas how one might set a static method on a "class"? (the attributeChangedCallback on the custome elements spec you made here [] wont work unless you also define a static get method that specifies which attributes to observe)


@idiomancy (js/Object.defineProperty component "observedAttributes" #js {:get (fn [] #js ["a", "b", "c"])) should do it


it works perfectly. You remain my patron saint of js interop

Edmund Miller16:06:04

Hey all, just started messing around with clojurescript, I have joker working in clojure but whenever I'm in a .cljs file I get

Suspicious state from syntax checker clojurescript-joker: Flycheck checker clojurescript-joker returned non-zero exit code 1, but its output contained no errors: <file>:0:0: Exception: Nothing specified to load

Try installing a more recent version of clojurescript-joker, and please open a bug report if the issue persists in the latest release.  Thanks!
in my minibuffer

Edmund Miller16:06:33

joker is in my path and flycheck has found it fine

Edmund Miller17:06:42

Ah it appears it was the default

(ns hello-world.core
and the blank :require was making it unhappy.

Alan Thompson18:06:35

Has anybody ever user chrome --headless in a docker container (i.e. ? The instructions from figwheel-main work great on the Mac, but I am having trouble getting it to work on Linux or Docker.