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Hi everyone, Happy new year etc. I think I can still say that. I am developing some rules in clara. I use emacs as my editor which usually works pretty well. However I am using clojure-lsp in emacs which struggles with the clara syntax and fails with too many errors. I wonder if anyone else is using this setup with clara and can point me to some documentation on the LSP setup that works with clara. Note, my emacs-fu is pretty shallow which is probably the root cause of the problem. Thanks.


I haven’t used clojure-lsp enough to speak to this one.


I have found some docs on building lint hooks with clj-kondo that looks like the approach to get it to understand the lhs => rhs syntax and ?variable declarations. I might give it a try when I get a chance.


Yeah. Certainly seems possible


Have seen hooks used for similar types of macros