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Ziad Salah11:01:34

I'm grateful for #portal (Thanks @djblue!). I've been using it for ~3 months now and it has been a complete game changer. It has definitely levelled up my ability to investigate and debug problems as well as visualise and understand data and how it's flowing in our programs. I specially love the two-way interaction between portal and the repl. Cheers!

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Thanks for the kind words @UVD9WKYDQ! ❤️

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Beware — using Portal is addictive. Suddenly you may find yourself unable or unwilling to solve problems without it! Thx @djblue!

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Ziad Salah21:01:25

We'll start a portalists-anonymous support group one day if needed 😄

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@UVD9WKYDQ I’d love to see a little demo of what you’re describing here, I also found portal very helpful especially when investigating async cljs code but it feels like there’s still a lot more for me to get out of it 🙂


I’m grateful to @thheller and @tony.kay for shadow-cljs and fulcro, because I’m able to write SPAs that I never thought I’d be able to write! And for the spectacular documentation. (Hey, @tony.kay is a co-author of shadow-cljs docs, too?!?) I’m specifically grateful for this gem that shows how to use npm modules, because there’s no freaking way I would have ever figured it out on my own!

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Thomas did most of the writing of the scljs docs…but the content was kind of everywhere mixed in blogs, etc. I just organized it into one place and added a bit here and there to make it (hopefully) flow 😄


It was my form of gratitude to him for creating such a useful tool :)

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I should have recognized the encyclopedic organization style!! 🙏🎉