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Has anyone else noticed that it takes the calva repl a long time to come back when an exception is thrown? I’ve seen it hang for like 5+ seconds on multiple projects when non-exceptions come back instantaneously. Not sure if that was known behavior or a bug of some kind


I recall issues return this, but it was a while ago. It was cider-nrepl that had some issue. Which version of cider-nrepl are you using? It could be some other issue off course... There is some extra processing of exceptions in Calva.


This is what calva says when it starts:

Calva is utilizing cider-nrepl and clojure-lsp to create this VS Code experience.
  nREPL dependencies configured:
    nrepl: 0.9.0
    cider-nrepl: 0.27.4
    cider/piggieback: 0.5.3
  clojure-lsp version configured: latest
I’m seeing the behavior in my work project but not in a trivial scratch space project. The most noticeable difference is that the stack trace at work is a lot longer, but it might be something else


Are you using jack-in to start the project?


I wasn’t, I’ll try that


FYI. The information you posted merely states which versions are configured, and will be used if you use jack-in. We could make the message clearer, I now realize.


I’ve confirmed that versions don’t seem to matter. The slowness only seems to occur when connected to my repl server running inside a docker container. Both a calva-started repl and a non-dockerized repl throw exceptions reasonably fast


Can you check if you get similar behaviour using an nrepl client like Leiningen?

lein repl :connect <port>
It could help us isolate a bit...


It does not happen in a command-line repl