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⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Hey, everyone! CIDER's author here. As you might have noticed I've been kind of absent on the CIDER front (and open-source in general) recently. I guess by now all of you are aware of the horrible war that Russia is waging on Ukraine. What you probably don't know is that my wife is from Ukraine and I have a ton of family members, friends and colleagues living there. My second home is being invaded and me and my wife are devastated. The brave people of Ukraine can use all the help that they can get these days and I'll encourage all of you to consider donating to some of the support and relief efforts: • the Ukrainian army - • Charitable Foundation "Come Back Alive" - Please, share those important donation channels with as many people in your social circles as possible! #StandWithUkraine P.S. I'm considering to add those donation links to CIDER's welcome message. I hope you won't hate me if I do this. Likes and prayers mean little to the people of Ukraine. Real actions are the difference between life and death for them. :flag-ua: cider

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300 usd sent to the swift information in the charity link

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I don’t have words for what’s happening


Thanks for your support! It's a nightmare, I can't describe it in any other way. I pray for 3 things all the time: • the safety of all people of Ukraine • victory (and freedom from Russia) for Ukraine • Putin to burn in hell for all the atrocities he has committed

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For those of us unfamiliar with SWIFT transfers (e.g., my bank doesn’t list Ukraine as a valid destination country) and a little twitchy about Bitcoin, are there other means to get money over? Not saying that’s going to be a permanent barrier on my side, but every bit of ease makes it easier for the next person this gets amplified to.


(I’ll dig in here and report back what I find as well - I don’t mean to put more burden on you here)


I used (as I already had an account there), you can use your credit card to send to swift there

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Yeah, I was going to suggest as the easiest and cheapest way to wire money in Ukraine.

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I think they waived all transfer fees yesterday to support the country.


you can also send BTC through the come back alive site


There's this fund that doesn't support the army, but rather the refugees I hope that this doesn't classify as a form of political expression.


There are a few other options for you to choose from here.