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Hi. I am using Spacemacs with CIDER. My projects are configured via deps.edn. When I cider-jack-in-clj in my main project, all CIDER functions (like code completion) work in namespaces of this project. But I also have multiple projects, my main project depends on. When I open a file from one of these projects, code completion does not work there. I have included the other projects via extra-paths in my deps.edn. Is there a way to make CIDER work in these dependency projects as well? Thank you!


probably sesman-link-with-project is what you're looking for 🙂


Thank you! This pushed me into the right direcktion! 🙏


I recently attempted to upgrade CIDER. With all versions of cider-nrepl above 0.20.0, I see this error attempting to start a lein repl:

Error loading cider.nrepl: Syntax error compiling at (cider/nrepl.clj:1:1).
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve var: cider.nrepl/wrap-apropos in this context


Has anyone seen this?


what exact steps are you doing? how are you starting everything up


lein repl


with this profiles.clj:

{:repl {:plugins [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.22.3"]]}}

Mario C.14:09:06

I am also having issues with CIDER after upgrading. Its only happening in one project and I believe the issue lies with tools.nrepl and nrepl both being pulled in as dependencies. Although I do not have tools.nrepl listed a dependency in the project.clj nor do I see it in the deps tree. I also do not have a profiles.clj at the .lein level.


check deps-tree ?


sorry plugin-tree


Sorry, I am not familiar with plugin tree, only lein deps :tree. How do I see the plugin tree?


lein deps :plugin-tree will factor in your plugins


It looks like I'm getting nrepl 0.5.3 somehow even though cider-nrepl depends on 0.6.0. That may be the problem. I will try to figure out why that's happening.


@enn That’s generally not an issue.


What’s your lein version?


lein itself (2.8.3) was depending on nrepl 0.5.3, overriding cider-nrepl's dependency on 0.6.0. I upgrade to the latest lein, which depends on 0.6.0, and now it works fine.


Yeah, I was just about to suggest moving to Lein 2.9.1.


@mario.cordova.862 I’m guessing you’re on some old version of lein as well, right?

Mario C.16:09:42

No, this actually started happening after upgrading to Lein 2.9.1


Can you share the deps tree of the project in question?

Mario C.16:09:32

Just had a moment of lucidity

Mario C.16:09:08

I wasn't looking at the right deps tree since I start the repl with lein with-profile clj,dev and ive been looking at lein deps :tree

Mario C.16:09:26

I see the tools.nrepl now so I think i can fix, sorry about that thanks! 😅

Mario C.17:09:51

Now that I got rid of the tools.nrepl I dont see the message but It still freezing. Here is the backtrace I got

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (quit)
  accept-process-output(nil 0.01)
  nrepl-send-sync-request(("op" "version" "prefix-rewriting" "false" "debug" "false") #<buffer *cider-repl Projects/decision-service:localhost:63335(clj)*> nil)
  cider-nrepl-send-sync-request(("op" "version" "prefix-rewriting" "false" "debug" "false"))
  cljr--call-middleware-sync(("op" "version" "prefix-rewriting" "false" "debug" "false") "version")
  #f(compiled-function () #<bytecode 0x4631a541>)()
  #f(compiled-function (buffer) #<bytecode 0x4503830d>)(#<buffer *cider-repl Projects/decision-service:localhost:63335(clj)*>)
  #f(compiled-function (response) #<bytecode 0x44bb38dd>)((dict "id" "4" "session" "7abfa665-75ed-4a05-82d3-2e2d5dfe88ab" "status" ("done")))
  #f(compiled-function (response) #<bytecode 0x44bb391d>)((dict "id" "4" "session" "7abfa665-75ed-4a05-82d3-2e2d5dfe88ab" "status" ("done")))
  nrepl--dispatch-response((dict "id" "4" "session" "7abfa665-75ed-4a05-82d3-2e2d5dfe88ab" "status" ("done")))
  nrepl-client-filter(#<process nrepl-connection> "")