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@borkdude kondo is still experimental on windows, right? I'm using joker on windows at work at the moment


I missed this message, sorry. Yes, that's true, Windows is a bit experimental, but as a JVM lib it still works. Of course the startup time isn't as good with that.


Is it possible to include a file glob for spacemacs/helm-project-do-rg? I’m trying to replicate the following command linie search: rg --vimgrep --no-heading --smart-case -g '*.clj' 'inc' The helm search input does’t seem to like options like -g in the search pattern. Is there some other way to supply rg options?


afaik you have to provide search term first and then the additional params


I’ve tried that (as far as I can tell):

pattern: inc -g "*.clj"
error: The following required arguments were not provided:
    rg [OPTIONS] [-e PATTERN ...] [-f PATTERNFILE ...] [PATH ...]
    rg [OPTIONS] --files [PATH ...]
    rg [OPTIONS] --type-list
    command | rg [OPTIONS] PATTERN
For more information try --help


or is there another way to specify the parameters after the fact?


-g*.clj fish should show only results of searching for fish from files ending in .clj


-g!*.md fish will search for fish for all files except those ending in .md


These work on the Spacemacs develop branch with ripgrep - on my machine anyway 🙂


@U05254DQM Thank you! The problem I had was adding a space between -g and *.clj


I am sure I did that too at first 🙂

Mario C.17:09:24

When connecting to CIDER emacs freezes on connection. I can do C-g a few times and it unfreezes and I can use the REPL as normal. What could be causing this freeze? I have this backtrace but I can't really make sense out of it.

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (quit)
  accept-process-output(nil 0.01)
  nrepl-send-sync-request(("op" "version" "prefix-rewriting" "false" "debug" "false") #<buffer *cider-repl Projects/decision-service:localhost:63335(clj)*> nil)
  cider-nrepl-send-sync-request(("op" "version" "prefix-rewriting" "false" "debug" "false"))
  cljr--call-middleware-sync(("op" "version" "prefix-rewriting" "false" "debug" "false") "version")
  #f(compiled-function () #<bytecode 0x4631a541>)()
  #f(compiled-function (buffer) #<bytecode 0x4503830d>)(#<buffer *cider-repl Projects/decision-service:localhost:63335(clj)*>)
  #f(compiled-function (response) #<bytecode 0x44bb38dd>)((dict "id" "4" "session" "7abfa665-75ed-4a05-82d3-2e2d5dfe88ab" "status" ("done")))
  #f(compiled-function (response) #<bytecode 0x44bb391d>)((dict "id" "4" "session" "7abfa665-75ed-4a05-82d3-2e2d5dfe88ab" "status" ("done")))
  nrepl--dispatch-response((dict "id" "4" "session" "7abfa665-75ed-4a05-82d3-2e2d5dfe88ab" "status" ("done")))
  nrepl-client-filter(#<process nrepl-connection> "d2:id1:42:ns40:com.pmu.decision-service.handler7:session36:7abfa665-75ed-4a05-82d3-2e2d5dfe88abed2:id1:47:session36:7abfa665-75ed-4a05-82d3-2e2d5dfe88ab6:statusl4:doneee")

Mario C.17:09:32

This seems to only be happening on a specific project so I am guessing some sort of dependency is causing it but I have no idea which one is the culprit. Is this a case of having to go one by one until I find the dependency that is causing the freeze?


Disable clj-refactor and sayid if you have them enabled, they can also trip up on certain libraries.


If you have any code that automatically runs when you load the project, try comment that out. The same with switching to a namespace. If you have a user.clj file these also seem to have caused problems recently.


It could be that two of your dependencies have a dependency on the same library but require different versions. Print out the dependency tree to see if there is conflicts (`clj -Stree` if it’s a Clojure CLI project)


lein deps :tree if using Leiningen

Mario C.15:09:33

The freeze only seems to be happening when I start a REPL through spacemacs. But if I start the repl on the terminal with lein. I get Error loading complete.core; Could not locate . . . yadda yadda yadda But it starts the the REPL regardless. Then I can connect with it using CIDER from Spacemacs and it wont freeze. But It does give me a warning

WARNING: CIDER requires cider-nrepl to be fully functional. Some features will not be available without it!
         More information.WARNING: clj-refactor and refactor-nrepl are out of sync.
Their versions are 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT (package: 20190618.716) and n/a, respectively.
You can mute this warning by changing cljr-suppress-middleware-warnings.

Mario C.15:09:33

How would I disable clj-refactor if it is listed as a dependency?


I would be surprised if clj-refactor is a dependency in your project.clj file, if it is, simply comment the line or delete it. I assume you have included clj-refactor in spacemacs by defining the clojure layer as follows

     (clojure :variables
              clojure-enable-clj-refactor t
              clojure-enable-linters 'clj-kondo)


If so, simply set clojure-enable-clj-refactor t to clojure-enable-clj-refactor nil or just remove that line altogether.


clj-refactor is not included in the Clojure layer by default (in develop branch)


If this is not the case, check your dotspacemacs/user-config section for code that is including clj-refactor


when running cider-connect you need to supply the right versions of nrepl libraries that CIDER uses, otherwise you get that warning message. clojure-jack-in injects the right library versions for you, but this also includes clj-refactor if you have told the Clojure layer to include it.


SPC u before cider-jack-in allows you to edit the command CIDER uses to call Leiningen and start the repl, so you can also check there as to what is included. That command should also end up in your SPC b m message buffer

Mario C.19:09:45

I meant when I looked at package-show-package-list clj-refactor shows up as a dependency as opposed to 'available' or 'installed'. After switching to the develop its seems to be working fine now.

Mario C.19:09:50

How did you know it was clj-refactor?


I am omniscient (and I saw your post in the cider channel) 😁

Mario C.20:09:59

hmm but even my post mentions nothing about clj-refactor. Perhaps bozhidar knows from experience


It's caused issues in the past. Ideally all its features will be merged into clojure-mode at some point

Mario C.20:09:07

Got it. This one was a head ache so thanks for the help