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Oliver George09:09:59

@vikeri @danieleneal Have you hit file size limits with JSON you js/require to bootstrap?


I haven’t yet


@olivergeorge We actually don’t bundle data as json but instead use a prepopulated SQLite db. But then we save user data with transit using AsyncStorage. We use SQLite for other storage as well though.

Oliver George09:09:57

Gotcha. I'm about to try that.

Oliver George09:09:17

My app is for a University asset management team. They have 16000 rooms... the basic location info came to a 3.5mb transit (json) file. The release build was crashing as it tried to start up for large JSON files.

Oliver George09:09:39

Seems like prepopulating a sqlite db is a smart baseline for master data


Yeah, I think we ran into that issue too. We used Realm for a while which is nice and more performant. But it’s impossible to debug in Chrome so we migrate to SQLite. Tried and tested 🙂

👍 8

Running jest on a shadow-cljs project is kind of simple once you learn how to do it. I got snapshots running.