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I am seeing this error when I try to connect with cider-connect-cljs after choosing shadow-select. I don't believe it is related to the changes mentioned above from this weekend--I get an identical error with the latest stable CIDER as with the latest snapshot.


It looks like the project name is unexpectedly nil.


Yeah, it seems so.


Frankly, I don’t recall whether we’ve tried starting a ClojureScript REPL outside of some project and it seems you’re doing exactly this.


For something like shadow this doesn’t make much sense as you won’t have build files and the shadow dep won’t be injected in your project.


Actually I didn’t read very well your stacktrace - seems you’re just doing connect, not jack-in, so this should work, but you did invoke it outside of a project dir which is probably the problem.


Worth reporting an issue I guess.

hiredman18:09:06 this breaks the evaluation order of =, so effects that happen from more happen before effects from expected


@hiredman Please, file a ticket for this.


I’m surprised it causes any issues as this code has been around for quite a while and I don’t really anyone sharing such a problem so far.