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hey all, at some point in time (i cannot remember when or what might have caused it) my cider repl stopped being able to call functions from my source files. I can call functions that were created before this problem, but nothing new. Anyone else have this issue?


Can you explain the symptoms a bit more? And can you replicate this on a simple project?


Of course! so I start a nrepl with the cider-jack-in command and expect to be able to use functions and variables that I have already defined in the project in the repl. However, i keep getting “unable to resolve symbol.” I noticed the problem while creating a map and then calling get on it in the repl so I have been using a small map to diagnose the problem.

(def foo
         {:a 1
          :b 2
          :c 3})
user> (get foo :a)
It works in new projects I have created with the lein new app command but it seems that (i just discovered this) it doesn’t like anything I have started with the compojure template or anything that lacks a main function. I’m a beginner so I often create projects and remove the default main function and then put code it from exercises I do and then experiment with them in the repl. lacking a main function was never an issue before but seems to be the common denominator.


Is that copied from your repl?


And do you have anything in your global lein profiles?


Not copied. And no.


can you make a new project with the following contents? (just put them in a folder)

;; deps.edn
{:paths ["."]}

;; whatever.clj
(ns whatever)
(defn foo [x] (+ x 1))

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That . thing is a neat trick for trying stuff out, thanks!

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and then run cider-jack-in


did that and it works


I also tried putting a deps.edn file with {:paths ["."]} in one of the projects im having trouble with and am still having the same issue.


nvm. it does work now!


Thank you for the help!


I'm not sure how i helped 🙂 I don't really understand what your symptoms were but if you're good I'm good


If I have two repl, quit one with cider-quit or via sesman-browser will cause all clojure file buffer disable cider-mode.


so can't jump to repl or eval code anymore, have to enable cider by cider-mode.


is it a bug ?


I mean, is it only appear on my emacs or anyone else will run into this?


no that's for everyone


Equal suffering. 😃


I also met a problem, when I have two repls (clj + cljs), cider will always try to send code to the last visited repl. If that last visited repl is not the correct repl, it will failed, result in no op.


Yeah, unfortunately there are a few known issues in sesman that have lingered for a while. I was hoping that someone would beat me to fixing them, but I might have to finally tackle them in the months to come.


have you figured out a focus for your clojurist together work?




My focus is going to be mostly cleanup/small fixes and documentation improvements. Another big theme is collaborating with other tools writers to tackle together a few common pain points. There are way too many things to be improved across almost a dozen projects. 🙂 I don’t have a concrete list of tickets I’ll be working on, but probably this will change in the next couple of weeks.

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congrats and thanks


Generally I really want to stabilize and document cider-nrepl and orchard, integrate the updated compliment and finish nREPL 0.7. If we managed to build some better find-usages with @pez that’d be pretty awesome as well. Too many things to do, yet too little time. I’ve got enough ideas to keep me working full-time for at least a couple of years. 😄


Ah, yeah - just remembered that the first thing I have to finish in the transition to ClojureDocs.


(which is almost ready)


CT should just keep funding your projects, @bozhidar. You keep them constantly delivering more value. (With a lot of help and work from others, of course, but your persistence is key here, I think.)


Thanks for the vote of confidence! :man-bowing:


Anyways, in unrelated news a new cider-nrepl beta is out with support for much smarter ClojureScript code completions - see and

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There are a couple of small things remaining to iron out in the next couple of weeks, but I hope we’ll get to a new stable release of cider-nrepl and orchard in a week or two.


what city will you visit to release it?


Leuven? 😄


Man, the new MacOS is driving me crazy. Did anyone experience a problem when eldoc doesn't show up until you move the mouse into the echo area (or just barely move the mouse cursor)??? This happens quite often, but not every time, so it's reproducible yet not consistent. The same often happens with just evaluating things with C-x C-e, especially with a shorter output. I feel like I'm going mad. Mojave, Emacs for Mac OS 26.2