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borkdude04:08:08 There was someone who had to do an an extra thing for clj-kondo: Not sure if that's also your problem?


Clj-kondo works fine for me with the instructions from @U05254DQM. Installation was really smooth with no issues!



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Would be interested to know if anyone actually uses Eastwood/squiggly as a linter. If no one uses it we could deprecate it in the docs / layer (especially if it’s broken)

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I would support that. The default instructions are really inconsistent and just refuse to work on either master branch or develop. Plus making sure that your code has no side effects is a pretty big warning to consider for something as innocuous as in-editor linting. On the other hand, clj-kondo is very simple to install and seems to cover most uses. It's really a great tool. While Eastwood is fantastic, I think for most non-trivial cases it's better to offload using it onto some customised CI job as an extra linting precaution


I agree about Eastwood, it seems more appropriate as a batch processing linter for the whole project, either before you push a commit to a shared repo or as mentioned part of the CI pipeline. Thanks for the feedback.


When you use imenu (e.g. helm-jump-in-buffer) does it show functions args too? For me it does not but I think I've seen elsewhere that signatures/args could/should be visible.


That I believe is possible, but you’re gonna need to modify


hi I just reinstalled emacs brew cask install emacs. I have my lein in my local bin. In my .zshenv, I am adding lein to the path. I have a spacemacs installation and it was working well before the reinstall. Now when I do cider-jack-in it is says lein is not in the path, any remedies ?


got it working -

(setenv "PATH" (concat (getenv "PATH") ":/Users/murtaza52/bin/"))
  (setq exec-path (append exec-path '("/Users/murtaza52/bin/")))


You don't have lein bin in /usr/local/bin/lein? (that is the standard location for the homebrew package)


I had installed it directly using the script, brew install lein didnt work for me


brew install leiningen worked, thanks