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Cas Shun18:06:22

Hello, I'm trying wrap cider evals with some clojure code to use REBL. So I need to eval some code, then send the code and result to rebl. How do I get the result of something that's been eval'd through cider? Perhaps I'm thinking about this the wrong way?


mhh a REBL mode for emacs, now that would be grand


Most CIDER users just use the CIDER inspector, which is a somewhat similar concept, although REBL is definitely more polished.


i know there's i've never used it but its a good place to start


these days i'm mostly living in clojurescript land, and i moslty can't make the inspector work. or pretty printing. Looks like cider views the data as a string rather than clojure data structures


that's not always the case, i didn't investigate more on that


and of course i can't reproduce the trouble with inspect right now =)


still pretty printing never worked for me in clojurescript


the inspector is half way there, but the datafy/nav protocols are really what makes REBL interesting


i guess the configurable views is a plus but more icing on the cake rather than fundamental

carkh20:06:47 has a nice simple UI for browsing inspected values