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Is there a way to suppress inspections for form/function/file?


ctrl+click'ing on keywords used to open the "Usages of ..." window inline. This still works for function symbols but it is not working for keywords. I'm on v1.8.2-eap4-2019.1.


I'm trying to the REPL like I normally do, but I'm getting this error: > Error running 'REPL': Error executing Leiningen configuration. Are there more logs that I can pull up and see what the issue is? REPL works fine on a different Clojure project.


I switched the run configuration to this:


All is good now, is this expected?


Ok, another update, it seems like it was an issue with having uncompiled Java files. lein javac then running the REPL using "Run with Leiningen" got me back to desired state.


@U0JAE119P That’s very weird, though. I’m not sure what might have been going on there. The best log to look in is Help | Show log in Finder/Explorer, but lein doesn’t always return much useful information to put in there.


I did that, but there weren't any logs regarding the error 😞 That error had me going for a while and I couldn't figure out what it was. If there's anything I can do to pinpoint the issue let me know and I can file a more extensive bug report (if it is indeed a bug).