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I've had this issue for a little while now that when doing a cider-jack-in the cursor will jump to a (seemingly) random line in the buffer. Anyone know where that's coming from? (I'm on spacemacs)


morning guys. Is it possible to set (in .dir-locals.el presumably) the default parameters for cider-connect-cljs? I'd like to set the host, the port, the REPL type and the build.


Ok, cider-default-cljs-repl takes care of the REPL type. Something for the rest? 🙂


I don’t think we have have vars for the default host and port, but I guess we can add those. Feel free to open a ticket.


@plexus I haven’t noticed this problem. Might be some missing save-excursion or something like that.


Is there a command for outputting the last result of an evaluation into the buffer I'm editing?


@rovanion I don't know, but I go to the Messages buffer, yank it, and paste it. Org mode does this really nicely (supposing you want an Org document) - every time you eval a Clojure block it inserts (or updates) the result block below it.


That worked, thank you!


What is the way to "teach" cider to resolve a function differently? For example I want cider to treat let-flow ( as the usual clojure let so that when i run format buffer it respects the let style of indented bindings in let-flow?


@rahul080327 there is a variable called clojure-align-binding-forms which is a list of symbols to treat like let. You can modify it with M-x customize-variable (or M-x customize-group clojure) or add to it with elisp.


Thanks for the answer @U060QM7AA, however i added it like this and still doesnt work when i run format buffer.


do i need to add the manifold namespace as well? I use it as (d/let-flow ...)


I am a new comer to emacs, pardon my ignorance


Hmm. No, you shouldn’t need to add the namespace or namespace alias. What you have looks right. I’m not sure why that wouldn’t be working.