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@cfleming - I have a lein project depending on figwheel-main (currently 0.2.0 but same problem on earlier versions.) On importing the project, cursive gives an error No dispatch macro for: :: No dispatch macro for: : Cursive has been working with this library fine... I think the problem must have started on a cursive upgrade. I am on 1.8.0-2017.3 any info welcome. thanks


Going back to 1.7.0 fixes


@U051B9FU1 Do you get a stacktrace in your log for that?


Just submitted via cursive


@cfleming sometimes I have an issue that I can't see the test error diff, when I try to click on the orange exclamation the editor keeps adding/removing break points on that line, but never opens the diff dialog


I had this bug a couple years ago and it turned out to be caused by a conflicting dependency in my profiles.clj


Not sure which one it was, though


I run into this too


Dont know how to fix it


Not sure whether it's a bug or a feature but that only happens to me when there are runtime errors, not when tests fail. EDIT: doesn't seem to be the case here though 😕


I want to pretty format a large edn file that has everything on one line. If I do (Code->Reformat Code) it will put some spaces in, but it stays on one line. Is there a setting to make it reformat with newlines and indentations like IntelliJ does with JSON files? (My current workaround is to copy, paste and eval it in the REPL and then to copy it from the output into the edn file)


@dmarjenburgh Not a cursive-specific solution, but you could do it easier from the repl like this:

(spit "myfile.edn" (with-out-str (clojure.pprint/pprint (read-string (slurp "myfile.edn")))))


That looks like the sort of thing that would make a good planck/lumo script.


Yes! Couple it together with specter, and you’ve got jq for edn 🙂


@dmarjenburgh So there isn’t a solution for that yet, but it’s something a few people have asked for. Your workaround sounds like the best option in the meantime.


Is there a way to stop the REPL from printing without killing the session?


@kenny No, sorry, although I do plan to add one.


Ok. Is there a GH issue I can follow for this? A quick Google search didn't turn up anything.


I’m actually not sure, one sec