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I have an esoteric thing going on with pack/onejar and I’m hoping for some guidance on where to even deal with it… the situation:


- I’m packing up an uberjar with onejar (it’s the one I could get working; no real preference,


- I have a ring handler using (wrap-resource "public")


it seems that my static file delivery blows up because of a missing :onejar method for ring.util.response/resource-data


my java-fu is insufficient to figure out the method implementation. I don’t think this is really a juxt/pack problem, but I’m hoping for some guidance where I might document this or help other people out with getting over the hump


Make sure you're on master. This might have been broken recently. The readme is out of date. Any clues about what resource-data does? I'm guessing it is looking at the URL in some way. Capsule would avoid the problem if so.


@dominicm resource-data seems to do the work of figuring out content-type, last-modified, content-length headers so Ring can stuff them into the response. Ring provides :file and :jar implementations, but it seems onejar gives back URLs of the form onejar://.... See also


pretty sure this isn’t pack’s problem. I’ll give capsule a go


@rgm I reckon the jar implementation would work for what onejar has given you, based on a cursory look.


maybe so … I bailed out and used depstar to make a deadline but I’ll circle back.