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it’d be great if jump to definition could work for aliased spec keywords that have an s/def… though I suppose to be truly robust that would require specs to have line number metadata


rickmoynihan: This information is not available when a spec is defined. See: It’s something that’ll need to be resolved before tooling supports jumping to definition.


In the meantime, check out the new spec browser in CIDER: And corresponding functionality in helm-cider: No jump to source, but you can view definitions.


Thanks for the info on the metadata ticket, I hadn’t seen that one… but have been following this related ticket with interest: Thanks also for the info on cider spec - it looks great — is cider stable enough to use off master right now?


another thing I’ve found myself wanting is to expand aliased keywords under the point to their fully qualified names and put them onto the kill-ring… probably easy enough to write with a bit of elisp


@bozhidar other two nice fix to inf-clojure and I think we are ready for another release 😉