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@yogthos cool. Thank you so much for luminus. Not really using it, but such a breath of fresh air for understanding things. Really having a bit of a hard time in clojure land, since most resources available are pretty scattered and a lot of them are just examples not really "production way of doing things".


glad it's helpful 🙂


i've tracked down where did this (defstate ^:dynamic *db* ...) come from. it was introduced when mount was integrated into the luminus template: at that time (2015-11-18) it used mount:0.1.2 ( which came from this commit: if you check that out, it does not mention ^:dynamic anywhere in the source code, so i think the luminus template just carried it around with itself in the hope of maintaining some kind of a backward compatibility, however i think it was simply a breaking change, since you fundamentally changed how *db* should work and what should it mean.


shouldn't it be simply just (defstate conn ...)? just like it's suggested in ?


btw, i just watched your talk ( because it came up on #cursive thanks a lot for putting such high quality content up!


@onetom Thanks for bringing this up because I too was wondering, I just never took the time to really dig into it


@royalaid if i wouldn't be using intellij+cursive i wouldn't have taken the time to dig either, BUT intellij has such an amazing git support, it took only a few minutes to find all this. im not sure how would i have done it with gitx for example