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@kraulain manifestos are political documents. in the world of software, that means something like "marketing collateral". FP does not have a manifesto that I know of. I suspect that is because FPers think manifestos are silly PR.


step 1: make it work step 2: refactor Is there a single word taht means "make it work" in the above context ?


qqq: 1- write integration tests 2- make it work 3- refactor 4- make unit test


@U2J4FRT2T : wrong direction, goal is to make steps shorter, not more complicated


integration test is way simpler than unit test. Just (fact (GET "/foo/bar" => {:bar/quux 33})


I see manifestos less as political and more as declarations of alignment and intent. ... So maybe that's political, yeah. Doesn't make it meaningless or useless, if used constructively. Great for communicating principles succinctly, and can draw people in to learn more.


fellshard: yeah, "silly" was too strong. manifestos have their place. if i were running an FP consulting firm I would think seriously about a manifesto - but only in order to drum up business.


@pesterhazy @danielstockton : both great suggestions ; thanks!


"The field of computability theory deals mostly with incomputable not com- putable objects." Soare [2009] at (head explodes) A bottle of the finest Malort to anybody who can explain relative computability in a way that i can understand.


It’s highly technical, judging by Soare’s articles. And way over my head. “Finite injury method” anybody? I’m hoping somebody who understands the technical stuff can chime in.


complexity/computability is hard to ickup without the correct math definitions


No, but I’ve come across it before and always thought I probably should.


alright, someone on quora said Linus uses/used fedora, so I'm going to give it a try