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so I have a project, which has :aot :all in the :uberjar profile (in this scenario compiling at runtime was significant, trust me, I measured) but I'd prefer not to have that accidentally interfere with dev if a dev creates an uberjar on their machine. is there any way to either have leiningen delete the .class files after the uberjar is created, or exclude target/classes from the classpath?


ohhhh. kind of weird that it says it's recommended for a custom target-path to include %s but the default doesn't isn't it?


mm, that's going to put the uberjar in a different place too. which I'll have to change in a lot of places. oh well


@U050MP39D: yeah I’ve always thought that it was a far more sensible default.


Is there a way to set the proxy without modifying a file?


Or to add it to ./profile.clj and not to ~/.profile ?