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I'm experiencing serious lag (multiple seconds where the editor freezes up) when typing in anything in a file with more than a couple hundred lines with Chlorine in Atom enabled. It's not very noticeable with files < 50 lines, but when I'm editing a namespace that has more than a couple hundred lines (or I have a couple with over a thousand lines) it renders Atom basically unusable -- has anyone seen something like this before?


@leiferiksonventures are you evaluating code and rendering inline results, or just typing? Also, can you disable autocomplete on type (Atom configurations) so we can debug if this is an issue with Chlorine or with Atom itself?


@mauricio.szabo Just typing 😞 Disabled atom autocomplete and it's still very slow. I tried your VS code extension and that seems to work great so I may take the opportunity to switch over.


I was an Atom user for several years but it seems to be gradually being abandoned so I switched to VS Code (+ Clover) and I'm very happy with that. I have Calva installed as well, with the nREPL UI disabled (setting) so I do all my REPL-based stuff via Clover with Socket REPLs and still get all the static/LSP/clj-kondo/paredit goodness that Calva brings for static stuff.


Yeah, if it's lagging with autocomplete disabled, then it's probably Atom itself that's slow 😢. @leiferiksonventures are you on MacOSX, Linux, or Windows? Do you see the same issue with other big files (like Javascript, for example)?


Yeah @U04V70XH6, this is my sense as well. VS Code seems to have powerful network effects in its favor that seem to make an eventual switch inevitable.


@mauricio.szabo Just Clojurescript is slow. But Clover in VSCode is working great for me so far over the past couple hours and so I'm going to try running with that. Thank you for making all this great stuff! 🙂


@leiferiksonventures in the past I would try to debug this issue to maybe help Atom, but even I have my own limits 😄. Well, Clover is basically the same plug-in (it reuses about 90% of the code) so you should have no problem. If you find out what's causing the slowness on Atom, please ping me 🙂