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Karol Wójcik12:04:30

Does anybody here use LogSeq on IPhone? I would like to get an invitation to TestFlight, but dunno how to do it.


There's a dedicated Discord and mods there can send you a link:

Karol Wójcik12:04:42

Cool. Will try there!

Grant Du Plooy17:04:59

Hi All, is there a Clojure jobs channel? I’d like to post this:


#jobs or #remote-jobs , read the channel topics for rules/suggestions


The welcome message when a new member joins this Slack tells them jobs are only to be posted in #jobs and #remote-jobs so I deleted it from here.


Is Datomi/codeq just waiting to be picked up or is there anything "wrong" with it? (Basically why is everyone not using it already, or are they?)


> why is everyone not using it already Given that I'm by definition a part of "everyone", I guess my answer would count for something. :) The intro article states: > The resulting database is highly programmable, and can serve as infrastructure for editors, IDEs, code browsing, analysis and documentation tools. Please let me know if I'm mistaken, but seems like it's not just a short list of possible applications but rather an exhaustive list. If so, there's a simple answer - current tools have enough to do without that amount of information. Just at the surface level of the "current code right now", there seems to be insurmountable amount of work yet to be done when it comes to IDEs, analysis tools, etc. And when your needs do require some commit history knowledge, more often then not plain text is more than enough. The situation is very similar to structured diff tools. E.g. check out the picture and the tool Tonsky shared on Twitter: And the thing is, plain text diff at word level while ignoring whitespace already produces a result that, while not being at that level of detail, still provides me with all the necessary insight. All while not requiring specialized tools that know your language and having the ability to be integrated anywhere.


Also, on a practical level, Codeq is not very easy to use at the moment, since Datomic Free, which it requires, is no longer readily available, and from what I've tried, Codeq does not support other Datomic versions.