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Matthew DiLoreto13:04:49

Hey guys, great talk last night! I'm newish to the Austin area and just discovered your group. I heard you can always use new talks/speakers, so I'd like to offer a couple of my own: • discussion (potentially lightning-talk at the repl) of the I wrote • introduction to literate programming with Clojure in emacs org-mode, with demonstration Please let me know if there's a more formal sign-up process here. I looked on the meetup site for a bit but didn't see anything about signing up for a talk there.


Hey Matthew.


Personally, I would love to hear both of those presentations. And glad to have you here to broaden our community. The signup process is informal-- just reach out to @U0954HGDQ and @U060WE55Z who keep us organized.


Awesome! I'm still waiting to hear back from Sam if we are confirmed for in person at Capital Factory next month. Assuming we are, having a lightning talk up front for the extra content would be amazing! From there we could plot out topics for future months.


I'll message you directly when I hear back


I sent the email to CF on in person meeting. I'll post an update when I hear back.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)14:04:56

Hello folks! Thank you for being patient test subjects for my talk yesterday! As mentioned, I would be very thankful for any feedback and improvement suggestions. It was the first time so I am sure the talk had a number of rough edges. I would also love to hear whether the demo was more helpful or more confusing 😅 and perhaps how to improve that.


@U0522TWDA I enjoyed the talk and very much appreciate you taking the time to speak to our group. I think it might be helpful to include a little comparison to other projects to help put Fulcro in context. I feel like I came out of the talk knowing the basic problem Fulcro addresses but not exactly where it fits in relation to alternatives and how to know where Fulcro is the better fit. Hopefully that’s helpful.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)07:04:10

It is, thank you! This is actually I have on my radar but I just need to re-learn re-frame well to make a well-founded comparison 😅


Enjoyed the talk a lot. Thanks for doing it.

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Is there a recording link for yesterday's talk? I missed the first 20 minutes and want to go back and watch it.


Yes @U060WE55Z has a zoom recording. I'll bug him to post a link here or on the meetup

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@U060WE55Z, btw, the video is private on youtube (link I got from meetup email:


It shows that it's public. You still unable to see it?


I can see it now. It was showing private few days back for whatever reason.