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Martynas M13:04:46

Hey. I found that there is a shortcut to evaluate an expression in cider. SPC m e e evaluates an expresssion that is before the cursor. Is there a way to evaluate an expression that is one symbol further? i.e. an expression that ends one symbol after the cursor? Otherwise it could work the same. Example:

'(1 2 3 [4] 5)
The [] signifies where block cursor is located. It highlights whole character 4. In this example SPC m e e would evaluate 3 but I want to evaluate 4. And this is a more complicated example where I want to evaluate a longer function name: (map [i]nc '(1 2 3)) => map So the cursor is located on i letter but it would evaluate function map instead of inc. I would like to make it so that it would evaluate inc. But if I go one symbol further SPC m e e evaluates inc: (map i[n]c '(1 2 3)) => inc

Martynas M14:04:06

I found that there is a channel #cider and I pasted it there too:

Martynas M14:04:51

SPC m e v was what I was looking for 🙂

Martynas M14:04:23

I was using vab to select the () form and I'll use SPC m e ( as a replacement for this. Maybe SPC m e f too as I don't see much difference between them. And then to evaluate only a function I'll use SPC m e v My leader key is set to - so I instead will have - e v and - e (. I use vim style of editing and , is a search repeat key (repeat line symbol search). This was the first thing that I changed in the config long time ago 🙂

Martynas M14:04:18

It would also be nice to have SPC m e [ and SPC m e {... hm. I'll ask about it in CIDER chat

Martynas M14:04:00

SPC m does the same as pressing a leader key and my leader key is not , so I was mentioning the full form where possible. My leader keys is -

Martynas M15:04:21

;; CIDER evaluation
  (evil-define-operator mm-evil-eval-region-cider (beg end)
    "Eval a text object and show in the buffer."
    (cider-eval-region beg end))
  (spacemacs/set-leader-keys-for-major-mode 'clojure-mode "ed" 'mm-evil-eval-region-cider)
  (evil-define-operator mm-evil-eval-region-cider-popup (beg end)
    "Eval a text object and show in the result buffer."
    (cider--pprint-eval-form (list beg end)))
  (spacemacs/set-leader-keys-for-major-mode 'clojure-mode "eD" 'mm-evil-eval-region-cider-popup)
What this does is you can press this keystroke: ,edab and it will evaluate whole () form. ab is a motion that selects whole () list. And then you can use all other motions of evil mode (`[]`, {}, word, paragraph etc).