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Rowan Barnard03:02:15

Hi @seancorfield how do I get the Clover REPL tab that opens in VS Code to sit on the bottom underneath the editor tab (and doesn't take up much space) like you have it in the REPL Driven development talk you did for provo in December? It looks like you are using hotkeys to move it down there so I'm not sure how to replicate.


In Atom, it was a setting in Chlorine. There's no equivalent setting in VS Code/Clover. What I tend to do now is connect to the REPL -- Clover REPL tab opens -- cmd+1 (mac), ctrl-1 (win/linux) to select the other tab group, and then join all editor groups (which I have bound to ctrl+alt+e ctrl+alt+j) and then I just ignore the REPL 🙂


Or you could just drag the Clover REPL tab down to the bottom of VS Code and it should "stick" to the bottom half of the screen, and then you can resize it small.

Rowan Barnard03:02:30

OK I'll play around with it thanks 🙂

Rowan Barnard03:02:31

Ah yeah I just got it to work thank you, I tried dragging it down before but it ended up in some other position I didn't want, but I see if I hold it while dragging it highlights where it will end up