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Any idea what causes the auto indent in the VS Code + Clover set up to fail to work correctly? With format on type on it's creating one space indentation on the next line when it should be two spaces for me.


  (datomic/db user/conn)
  #uuid "373b8f6c-8319-4955-b3b4-b4affaa9c853"
    {:split/acct [:account/name]}])
As an example. If I create a new line between the second and third line it indents at 1 space instead of the proper 2.


The auto-indent on Clover is quite primitive, to be honest... I believe the calva one is better. I'm even thinking about using it instead of trying to roll my own version.


Yeah, I'm not sure if it's the implementation or how I had it. To be fair, I wasn't following the style guide since it prohibits two-space indent for function invocations. It works properly with one space.


This may be a bug, to be honest....


I chatted with Mike quite a bit via DM earlier today and mentioned that I'd switched to Calva for everything except actual REPL integration (now that Calva has an option to disable all its nREPL-related UI/functionality). So I was able to uninstall paredit/parinfer and some other extensions and rely on everything that Calva provides instead (including all the LSP-powered static analysis) and then use Clover for the REPL connection/evaluation etc.


The LSP features are definitely a nice addition.


I'm very excited about the LSP features. What is nice is that all these features work in other editors like emacs as well. Visit #lsp for more info.


I was chatting in there the other day. 😜