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Oliver George02:02:52

Anyone have experience with Ionic Framework? I'm trying to assess strengths and weaknesses.

Oliver George03:02:19

New question. I'm doing a quick Expo prototype. No CLJS just now. I'd love some quick and easy global state... if this was CLJS land I'd use reagent... does JS land have a good simple equivalent?


I’ve never done a React project with JS, but you’d probably want something like ImmutableJS if you plan to stick with the global state approach in React+JS beyond a toy example


Haven’t used it myself yet, but I’ve heard good things about


you’ve probably already seen this, but you might also consider react’s context api


I thought redux is the way to manage react state


redux is a way, but react’s own context api + hooks can replace most (all?) of it

Oliver George03:02:31

(I see recoiljs which seems promising)


yeah recoiljs looks really good


if you just want really basic stuff you can get by with putting the state in a global context


but it's very inefficient