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Would anyone care to share their vscodevim settings in relation to Calva? I've been wanting to try out VSC again but my only main fear is my Clojure programming because I remember Calva and Vim keybindings did not get along well. Is that still the case and if so have any of ya found good workarounds there?


ahh, interesting. I did like Spacemacs back in the day. I started using space as my leader key when I moved back to vim.


Also, this is what’s been recorded about Calva and Vim so far If you try it and find out more about the thing, please PR.


I'm also wondering if anyone actually stopped using Vim keybindings when moving to VS Code and just learned the "native" way of doing things. Not sure I could do it but I'm not the heaviest power user. That might be too offtopic for this channel though.


Cool, I'll check out these resources. Thanks!


I am sort of one of those. Vim -> Emacs (because of Clojure) -> VS Code (because weak computer). Tried VIM bindings a bit (as I always did when using something else than Vim) but found it a bit too different from real Vim so now using VS Code vanilla.


Is your workflow still able to be heavily keyboard based or are you constantly having to use the mouse?


I mix it up. Using a Mac laptop so, keyboard or mouse isn’t too different. 😃 But I don’t think I have to use the mouse as much as I do. VS Code is pretty keyboard friendly.


I think VSpaceCode might be pretty nice, though. Even if I sort of have converted to VS Code vanilla habits. I like it and I think it brings me closest to most Calva users.


@U0ETXRFEW and @chase-lambert I am coming from spacemacs and am trying out VSpaceCode. It is nice in that it is familiar but the differences from spacemacs are enough to bog me down a bit sometimes.


I never learnt to type properly so avoiding the mouse doesn’t make all that much difference for me anyway.


Calva version 2.0.174 is out. 🎉 calva clojure-lsp This version doesn't really include a change. I've translated the clojure-lsp integration code to ClojureScript. Everything should work as it did before, but if you see anything odd please report an issue. This somewhat of a trial, but maybe the beginning of a broader effort to translate more of Calva into cljs, as well as write new code in cljs. There are small trade-offs, but I think the benefits far outweigh them. We lose the node debugger (or at least it doesn't work the same from what I know), as well as completions on JS objects (this I think could be added through something like clj-suitable, However, we gain benefits of Clojure (which we all love, right?)... repl-driven development, more reliable, functional-and-immutable-by-default code, hot code reloading thanks to shadow-cljs, etc. I also suspect people will be more willing to contribute to a Clojure project if more of it were written in Clojure(Script), but that remains to be seen if we continue down this path. Happy Coding ~

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Super duper awesome, @brandon.ringe!

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I strongly disagree about small trade-offs, having experienced them first hand and often and for long periods of time. But I do think you might be right about it being outweighed by the benefits of the REPL and #shadow-cljs hot reloading + inspector.

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Time will tell 😄