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Hi, qq. I’m trying to load current file and dependencies and I keep getting syntax errors trying to resolve the namespaces (it doesn’t seem to find the files). My guess is that it is trying to look for the namespaces within the test folder as the root but these files/namespaces live in the overall root of the project. Is there a way to specify a different root or am I doing something wrong?


Sounds like you need to get the classpath right. Is it a deps.edn project?


leiningen. I was able to figure it out. I needed to remove ~/.m2 and re-download the deps


Interesting. Long time since I had to do that!


(But happy you solved it, of course. 😄 )

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Jacob Rosenzweig19:03:50

Anyone else get kind of finicky results with setting breakpoints on multimethods? Usually they work for me, but this time it skips right over it.


Not sure this is why, but I find multimethods being a bit less dynamic than I'm used to. So sometimes I unmap the defmulti and redefine it.

(ns-unmap *ns* 'my-multimethod)
(defmulti my-multimethos ...)

Jacob Rosenzweig19:03:58

Yeah sometimes I’ll just restart the repl, put a break point, and run it. Still can’t get it to work with this specific one though.


Are you calling the multimethod in the repl, or is it being called as the result of an http api call? It might help to eval the form again directly before calling it.