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Dewey: Index of Clojure libraries available on github. Ever wanted to know what clojure libraries were available on github as git dependencies? Get the list as data or query it yourself with Dewey. data: code:

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Very cool! VS Code struggles with that the whole thing is on one line though. Even zprint seems to struggle with it. It's not finished even though I pressed return several minutes ago. 😃


Interesting. I hadn't thought about making the data format more editor friendly. I'm definitely open to using more convenient formats or including more/less data to make it easier for consumers. I know line delimited edn for their dataset of libraries. Maybe that's a more convenient format?


all the .edn files can currently be read using something like:

(require '[ :as io]
         '[clojure.edn :as edn])
(defn read-edn [fname]
  (with-open [rdr (io/reader fname)
              rdr ( rdr)]
    (edn/read rdr)))

Dumch08:03:39 - 0.2 released. A clj library to simplify java.awt.robot usage to manipulate desktop. Now there is an ability to get info about your keyboard.

;; =>
{3 "⎋", 8 "⌫", 9 "⇥", 10 "⏎", 12 "⌧", 16 "⇧", 17 "⌃", 18 "⌥" ... }

(r/get-key-name 61440) ;; => "F13"
added docs about java interop; updated to clojure 1.11

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)07:03:35

Nice, I did not know about these java capabilities. I have noticed (r/clipboard-get-string) ;; => text to put in clipboard in readme, the comment is confusing? Also I see there Copyright © 2020 FIXME 🙂


thank you, I will fix it

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poly released #polylith. The highlights are: • Don’t commit files when creating a workspace (if not passing in :commit) - issue • Now we can run all tests for selected projects - issue • PDF

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