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Hello, I'm Sakib from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been working in Web-Backend for five years. I'm exhausted by the complexity of software development science the start of my career. A few weeks before, God of Information Theory struck a bolt of lightning on me. A voice said that 'Son, enough with this SH*T'. I quit my job and started learning Clojure(script). Looking forward to pursuing a career in functional programming 😺. I started with book and exercise. Any suggestion on best way to showcase Clojure skills to recruiter will be great. Thanks simple_smile

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When I am recruiting I like to see the candidate use the REPL. So my tips will be to practice REPL techniques. Build functions step by step in rich comments. Capture scope using inline defs. Utilize the dynamic nature of Clojure development, a k a Interactive Programming.

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> Any suggestion on best way to showcase Clojure skills to recruiter will be great. & in terms of catching their eye in the first place, I’d suggest putting some Clojure code up on your github (& linking to it from resume/linkedin) and/or contributing to existing open source projects.

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Adam Eury14:03:39

Hi everyone! I'm Adam from North Carolina, US. I've recently decided to give another try at learning Clojure. My first attempt was back in 2015-2016. It was my first exposure to functional programming and I mostly read through @nonrecursive’s Brave Clojure book, which I liked a lot! Looking back at it now, I think I fell off the wagon after finishing the book for several reasons. At the time I was relatively inexperienced junior-level programmer. I was familiar with Rails and .NET MVC for building web applications, but couldn't seem to find what I needed to move beyond the basic examples to build a full-fledged web application with Clojure. I eventually got a bit overwhelmed trying to piece together the various libraries and tools that I put it down until I had more time and never got back to it. Until now! I've brushed off my old Clojure books and started going through @jacek.schae’s courses and am really enjoying it so far. 🙂

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Welcome! Fellow NCian here, over in Asheville. There are a few of us here, and a bunch in the Triangle (which is the nominal home of Cognitect, although Cognitect folks are all over).


Also FYI the #beginners channel is a super-friendly place to ask any and all questions as you relearn 🙂

Adam Eury14:03:43

Hi @U077BEWNQ! Thanks for the warm welcome. I knew Cognitect was based in the Triangle area and always thought that was really cool. 🙂 I'm from a really small town about 50 minutes east of Charlotte.

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Adam Eury15:03:35

I'll definitely be interacting in the beginners channel. I want to try to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the broader Clojure community. That's something I didn't really do my first time around.


I found it definitely helped a lot when I started 😄

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